Un-Dreary Theory

A better musical understanding

Un-Dreary Theory Studying theory can be, well,  just a bit boring. Very often there will be countless paper exercises that will work on the same specific point over and over again. It all seems a little removed from the work that you do when you actually just play your instrument.

Many of the resources currently available focus on getting you through answering the required questions for the exam and often completely miss the point. The real point of learning music theory is nothing to do with completing paper based exercises and everything to do with what you do practically with the instrument you play.

Working on the exercises repeatedly can lead to feeling a bit turned off toward studying music theory. This can mean that you miss the vital information that will help you be a far better musician, enable you to really understand the music you are playing fully as well as giving you the confidence to interpret the score musically.

Many people give up working toward developing their understanding of music theory, or just cram the details they need to get a pass at Grade 5 level so that the higher practical exams can be gained.

Un-Dreary TheoryThe Un-Dreary Theory music course will give you the tools you need to develop your understanding of music theory in a practical way. The important premise of the Undreary Theory course is rooted in the words of George Odam (author of The Sounding Symbol) who believed that sound should always come before symbol.

Each book is carefully written so that the work covered is detailed, but written in clear, concise and plain language. Technical vocabulary is explained throughout each book, with plenty of examples that use notations, diagrams and illustrations.

To ensure that your learning is fully supported throughout the course, there are some carefully constructed activities and things to do along the way, with additional online assistance as it is required.

You can order you own copy of this course as a published book on Amazon or an eBook (that is available as a .pdf for easy printing) from this site.

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