indexThe Un-Dreary Theory Course is made up of a set of 8 books – 1 book for each grade.  The books are available as a eBooks from this website (or from and a copy for your bookshelf can be purchased from Amazon.

We completely understand that sometimes it is easier to have an electronic copy where you can print the pages you wish and work through the rest of the course using apps or programs on your computer.  If you purchase an eBook version of Un-Dreary theory you will be able to purchase the course at a lower cost.


IMG_0974However, sometimes it just feels great to have a paper copy of something that is professionally printed to use.  To get your physical copy of Un-Dreary Theory simply visit Amazon and order as you would normally.

If you would like to view a sample of the contents of the course, then select the grade you are interested in from the drop-down menu.  There you will find a sample of the book you are interested in to download completely free of charge.


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