Un-Dreary Theory Grade 2 gives you the tools to build on the success you gained from the previous topics covered in Grade 1.  The emphasis is still clearly focused on making sure that the information helps to develop the work you put into playing your instrument.

Music Theory is not a stand-alone topic, and with this course the emphasis is centered around helping you to get the best musical understanding possible to make your playing the very best that it can be.  Having a better understanding and awareness of theory helps you to develop your practical ability and you will find that what you are learning to play will start to make much more sense. Grade 2 – Building Blocks is a clear guide to the requirements of the Grade 2 Theory exam as well as an indispensable guide to the important nuts and bolts of music that really make a difference.

I have made huge developments in my understanding of music theory, music history, and particularly composition. I have also increased my confidence in my own musical abilities.

-Ben Wright UK

Un-Dreary TheoUn-Dreary Theory Grade 2ry Book 2 allows you to develop your initial knowledge so that you can work on really understanding the music that you are play.

In addition to providing relevant and detailed information, this book covers all of the information you need to pass your ABRSM Grade 2 Music Theory exam.  To supplement your learning and try out some example questions, check out the free resources available on this site.

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