undreary-theory-grade-5Un-Dreary Theory Grade 5 covers everything you need in preparation for really moving your understanding up to the next level. This book makes sure that all of the detail that is required is there in clear and easy to understand language.

There are lots of terms and vocabulary used to describe and explain music, and Un-Dreary Theory Grade 5 gives you a secure foundation that will enable you to develop a solid understanding of music and help you prepare toward your Grade 5 theory exam.  If you have been learning an instrument for a little while, this book will be an invaluable tool to help you fill in any of the gaps in your knowledge that may exist.

The Un-Dreary Theory course is designed to assist practical music making. Through using this course, you will find that your understanding and awareness of the music you are playing will develop and transform beyond expectations.

In addition to providing relevant and detailed information, this book covers all of the information you need to pass your ABRSM Grade 5 Music Theory exam.  To supplement your learning and try out some example questions, check out the free resources available on this site.

The quick look, that I managed through the Amazon system at your book, filled me with confidence. The wording was simple and direct-which I really liked – you’ve done the work of distilling the concepts so that comprehension may be immediate.  I like the little details.  They’re important to the totality. I shall look forward to adding your books to my collection.
– Margie Regan, UK

undreary-theory-grade-5To have a look at a sample of this book, feel free to visit Amazon and have a look through the material there as Margie Regan did.

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